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ZOHD LED Navi-Flash Light (RWGB) (4pcs)
ZOHD LED Navi-Flash Light (RWGB) (4pcs)
ZOHD LED Navi-Flash Light (RWGB) (4pcs)
ZOHD LED Navi-Flash Light (RWGB) (4pcs)

ZOHD LED Navi-Flash Light (RWGB) (4pcs)

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These amazing LED Navi-Flash Lights have multiple flash modes. They are rechargeable and attach easily with the included pads. They will light up the night sky as you navigate.


The shell is made of imported PC material with high transmittance, drop resistance, and impact resistance. Suitable for fixed-wing, UAV, and others.

Flicker Modes

  • Double flash
  • Fast flash
  • Safety flash
  • Breathing lamp

This product uses a high-quality polymer lithium battery, with a low voltage protection function, which effectively prolongs the battery life. The battery also has protection from over-discharge.
  • 1-tow-4 mode
  • reduces the charging time
  • more convenient to use with the charging extension cord(1m). 
  • On the charger, the red light is charging status, and the blue light is full.
  • The original charger can be charged by USB and power Bank.
  • With the original charging cable, you can use the model balancer to charge it (requires your charger to have the function of charging a single battery, such as A6, PL8, etc.)
  • When the battery voltage is too low because the LED has not been used for a long time, please use the original charger to charge it.
  • Note: when the positive and negative terminals of the charging cable are connected incorrectly, the red light will also be on. Although this will not damage the LED in a short time, it will cause the heating of the electronic components inside the LED (the battery will not be damaged or heated). After a long time, the LED components will be damaged


  • Size: 47 x14x13mm
  • Battery: li-poly 85mah
  • Weight: 5g (including battery)
  • Extension cord:1m


  • 1x ZMR Mainboard
  • 1x Red LED (w/Battery)
  • 1x White LED (w/Battery)
  • 1x Green LED (w/Battery)
  • 1x Blue LED (w/Battery)
  • 4x Connecting Wire
  • 4x Sticky Pads