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ZII Zephyr 2 Wing
ZII Zephyr 2 Wing
ZII Zephyr 2 Wing
ZII Zephyr 2 Wing

ZII Zephyr 2 Wing

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The ZII Wing by Ritewing. One of the most popular FPV wings in the world used by thousands of pilots. With tons of power, stable flight characteristics and long duration flights the Z2 continues to bring a smile to any FPV pilots face.

This is just the kit for the wing. Please remember to order the laminate kit and camera case separately.


  • Molded wings with equipment bays already included.
  • Balsa elevons
  • Winglets
  • Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Coroplast for bay covers
  • Carbon fiber/fiberglass spars/rods
  • Camera pod/skids and motor/ESC shown in pictures sold separately.
  • Each unit individually boxed.


ZII Specs
1. Wing Area= 770 square inches of wing area
2. CG is located on the bottom 9 3/8‘’ to 9 1/2’’ from the nose back.


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