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ZBROY Prometheus 5" Titanium Head Detail
ZBROY Prometheus 5" Titanium Head Detail

ZBROY Prometheus 5" Titanium Head Detail

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Titanium has been done before, but not like this.

This Titanium Head Detail is a replacement part for the ZBROY Prometheus 5" Drone.

The Prometheus is ready to give you a whole new experience with FPV. Durable, configurable, and built with a clean aesthetic, the Prometheus is a whole new beast never before seen in FPV.

Made of titanium, it is extremely strong and maintainable from the bottom to the top. The head of a frame protects the FPV camera reliably and also is a steady mounting plate for the HD camera. Besides, the design of the head allows you to adjust the angle of your recording device from 30 up to 45 degrees.

The original vertical arm design reduces drag to an absolute minimum and makes forward flight more comfortable and controlled. And can we talk about how extremely attractive and unique the design of Prometheus is? The look of the frame speaks to how easy and enjoyable flying can be.

Another bonus - the frame is DJI-friendly and can be used with the DJI Digital FPV Air Unit without a problem!

Mr. Steele, meet Mr. Titanium!

Note: Titanium Head Detail only. Entire frame sold separately.


  • Grade 2/VT1-0 titanium body


  • Thickness: 3mm on all titanium details
  • Length: 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 8.3g


  • 1 x ZBROY Prometheus 5" - Titanium Head Detail
  • Note: Titanium Head Detail only.