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XILO Pit Pal VTX Power Switch
XILO Pit Pal VTX Power Switch
XILO Pit Pal VTX Power Switch

XILO Pit Pal VTX Power Switch

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Don't worry about plugging in during someone else's flight with the XILO Pit Pal. This tiny chip allows the user to bind a switch on your radio to power on and off your VTX (or other accessories).

This also allows for true pit stops where you can swap different quad's video feeds between one pair of goggles in a flash. Set up multiple drones on the race line and fly tons of packs without ever taking off your goggles!

While some newer FC's have this feature built-in, (see Lumenier F7 Flight Controller) many still don't have built-in camera switching, and this is where this tiny board comes in handy!


  • Plug in your VTX whenever you want with 0 power being fed through
  • Compatible with all major VTXs
  • Turn off your VTX remotely to avoid heat buildup or to prevent interference with other quads
  • LED Indicator light on board.
  • Used on any open pad on the flight controller
  • Fast pit stops for team races
  • Does not need a complete UART
  • I.E.: SmartAudio/Tramp on TX and RX for Pit Pal PinIO 
  • Up to 4 Pit Pals per quad. Gives many options for hooking up LEDs, VTX, etc.
  • Toggle any device under 1 amp draw.

Currently Supported Software

  • Betaflight (PinIO 3.3.x or Greater) 
  • Butterflight (PinIO)
  • FlightOne 1.2.x + (VTXPRWTOGGLE)


  • Operating Voltage: 5V - 28V (HV-6s) 1Amp Switch
  • Dimensions: 10 x 13.5 x 2.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.38 Grams


  • 1x XILO Pit Pal


Betaflight Settings


Locate UART TX/RX pad resource ID you are using. We wired to RX4 in this demo. RX4 is A01 Note the name of resource and ID.

Next, we will clear that pad from its assigned resource.

Next, we will set the Custom Mode Switches. We will set up 1 switch Copy and past these Commands into CLI:

set pinio_box = 40,41,42,43
aux 2 40 2 1600 2100 0

Next, we need to assign the Resource ID to the Custom Mode switch. Using the Resource ID from above. "A01"

resource PINIO 1 A01

If you wish to set up more pads for additional Pit Pals. replace the area in brackets with your resource IDs: Copy these extra lines to add more modes as well.:

set pinio_box = 40,41,42,43
aux 3 41 3 1600 2100 0
aux 4 42 4 1600 2100 0
aux 5 43 5 1600 2100 0
resource PINIO 2 [resource=I.E=A04]
resource PINIO 3 [resource=I.E=A05]
resource PINIO 4 [resource=I.E=A06]

Type SAVE in CLI and then press enter. Your FC will reboot after applying changes.

Now go to Modes and Assign an AUX channel to the USER1 mode. Just like an arm or turtle mode switch. Click SAVE.

Now flip the switch and test. A RED LED will be lit on the Pit Pal if you are providing power.