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XHover MXP300 Carbon Fiber FPV Quadcopter
XHover MXP300 Carbon Fiber FPV Quadcopter
XHover MXP300 Carbon Fiber FPV Quadcopter
XHover MXP300 Carbon Fiber FPV Quadcopter

XHover MXP300 Carbon Fiber FPV Quadcopter

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The MXP300 is a high quality full carbon fiber durable airframe designed to reach high speeds and be a reliable FPV racer. This larger size frame allows for a nice stable flight while still being compact and fast. This frame also has a significant amount of room to carry all your FPV gear. The MXP300 was designed around the GoPro to get silky smooth vibration free video without the need of a clean and dirty section, which can be a big let down in a small crash. Like the MXP230, the thick 6mm arms along with the 3mm middle section allow less vibration to travel to the camera resulting in nice smooth footage from your GoPro or other recording device.

Portability and Simplicity 

The MXP300 was designed to fold into a nice compact size, great for traveling. With the included thumb screws, the frame is extremely easy to fold.  One must simply unscrew the thumb screws and push up to unlock it from its folding position. Moreover, this frame is integrated with a battery stopper to protect your electronics from getting smashed in a hard crash. We also designed the MXP300 to be very easy to work on and assemble.

Built in Power Distribution Board with LED's (PDB) 

Similar to the MXP230, assembly and wiring is easy. The MXP300 comes standard with a power distribution board allowing all ESC's and battery connectors to get soldered right in. Additionally, these frames feature integrated LED lights for easy orientation and visibility even on the brightest days. 


  • Frame : 256g
  • AUW: 755g including all Electronics and FPV gear with a GoPro Hero 4

Whats Included 

  • 1 x Top Plate 
  • 1 x Middle Plate 3mm 
  • 1 x Bottom esc plate (PDB)
  • 4 x Arms 6mm
  • 8 x anodized red standoffs
  • 4 x hex spacers for bottom plate
  • 4 x round spacers anodized red
  • 4 x  landing gear
  • 16 x M3 button head hex motor mount screws
  • 16 x M3 button head hex screws for assembly
  • 8 x M3 Socket head cap screws 
  • 1 x Neoprene Tape for HD camera
  • 1 x Xhover Battery straps
  • 4 x  Anodized red Thumb screws 

Suggested Components