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X1 Screwdriver Bit Set - 20pcs

X1 Screwdriver Bit Set - 20pcs

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20 piece assortment of popular bit types and sizes for a wide variety of applications. 

PH screwdriver bits are used for most home appliances.
SL screwdriver bits are suitable for precision instruments, SL1.0 is usually used for disassembling eyeglasses screws.
Hex screwdriver bits are used for demolition drones, demolished models, engines, firearms, knives, bicycles, etc.
Fit for 4mm screwdrivers.


Material: Steel
Model: X1
Bits Size: 4mm
Length: 28mm
Bits Model:

PH0000/ PH000/ PH00/ PH0/ PH1/ PH2
  SL1.0/ SL1.5/ SL2.0/ SL2.5/ SL3.0/ SL3.5/ SL4.0
  H0.7/ H0.9/ H1.3/ H1.5/ H2.0/ H2.5/ H3.0


20 x X1 Screwdriver Bit Set