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Thrust UAV Riot 250R Pro
Thrust UAV Riot 250R Pro
Thrust UAV Riot 250R Pro
Thrust UAV Riot 250R Pro
Thrust UAV Riot 250R Pro

Thrust UAV Riot 250R Pro

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The Thrust UAV Riot 250R Pro is a first person view (FPV) racing drone designed for speed and to get you noticed! The powerful Riot 250R Pro offers the very first white gelcoat carbon fiber frame, 52 customizable LEDs and F4 flight controller making it one of the easiest race drones to fly.

The Almost Ready-to-Fly (ARF) drone comes preassembled and configured for optimal flights. The ARF kit includes the Riot 250R Pro racing drone, 4 props and video antenna. All you need to do is install a receiver that is bound to your radio, put in a charged battery and start flying!


  • 250mm ARF FPV Racer
  • White gelcoat carbon fiber frame
  • Integrated flight system (IFS) including modular on-screen display (OSD) flight controller with STM F4 processor
  • 52 Customizable LEDs
  • 2.8 mm CCD wide dynamic range race tuned FPV camera
  • Extremely durable clear plastic risers in place of traditional nylon or aluminum standoffs
  • Easy to remove or replace carbon fiber arms
  • Extremely durable antenna connection (SMA connector)
  • Master Series, one of the most reliable shatter proof 5 inch props
  • Thrust UAV custom tuned DYS SE2205 2550kv motors
  • Max speed: 75+ mph


  • STM F4 Flight Controller running tailored version of Betaflight
  • Modular Integrated Flight System with on-screen display (OSD) to view battery voltage, battery capacity, and video frequency
  • Flight camera: 2.8mm CCD, exceptional wide dynamic range
  • Filtered power regulation
  • Integrated power distribution
  • 52 bright, customizable RGB LEDs, diffused through polycarbonate risers
  • Modular and Upgradable Flight Controller/OSD
  • Recommended 4S LiPo battery but capable of running 3S
  • Multishot enabled DYS XM20 Speed Controller
  • Thrust UAV tuned DYS SE2205 2550kv motors


Downloads & User Guides

Thrust UAV has put together a very detailed user guide, click here to view the user guide.

Thrus UAV has also complied all the firmware, drivers and importable radio models in one easy to use webpage, click here to view the downloads.

Last but not least, Thrust UAV has compiled some great how-to-videos as well, click here to view the how-to-videos.