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Tarot T18" 1270mm Octocopter Foldable Frame (TL18T00)
Tarot T18" 1270mm Octocopter Foldable Frame (TL18T00)
Tarot T18" 1270mm Octocopter Foldable Frame (TL18T00)
Tarot T18" 1270mm Octocopter Foldable Frame (TL18T00)
Tarot T18" 1270mm Octocopter Foldable Frame (TL18T00)

Tarot T18" 1270mm Octocopter Foldable Frame (TL18T00)

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The Tarot T18 Octocopter is the ultimate heavy-lift aerial platform. The T18 is well suited to carry large DSLR or Prosumer cameras and gimbals. Eight motors/propellers create more lift and carry more payload, and best of all, let's consider this is a Fail-Safe feature, with latest flight controller technology, octocopter can still fly and land safely even with two dead motors, for a serious work equipment, it's wise to use Octocopter. The T18 boasts long flight times of 15+ minutes fully loaded and capapable of up to 18" propellers. Even though this is a huge multi-rotor, the arms fold during trasport making traveling a breeze.

The T18 is made with top end material, 3K Carbon Fiber Plates and Tubes, Aluminum CNC machined parts everywhere, especially the Motor Mount, they are awesome, machined from one big block of aluminum and then anodized with Orange an Black, plus a thick carbon fiber plate as the motor base mount. It has two battery plates on top, you can put 2 X 22.2 5500mah batteries (or more), and you should get more than 15 minutes of flight time. Considering you are carrying heavy payload (e.g. DSLR camera or bigger), this is a long flight time.

  • Designed for UAV Aerial Photography. Perfect for light capacity, long time, and large range job; for example, RC monitoring, aerial researching, measure sketching, farm developing… etc.
  • Applicable to 5DII, RED EPIC, C300, FS700.
  • Toray 3K carbon fiber applied, CNC processed. Light weight, high strength, vibration resistant.
  • Battery mount is detachable, prevent crash damage.
  • Metal clamp is 40 dovetail designed, with a strong clamping force.
  • Foldable boom is applied with self-tightening thread structure.
  • Light weight motor mount is CNC processed, double color appearance, brings strong visual focus.
  • Standard mount rod diameter is 12MM. Applicable to gimbals with center distance 165MM.
  • Standard equipment: Foldable GPS mount, 8 in 1 aggregator, and multi-copter foldable landing gear.  

Differences between the TL18T00 and TL15T00:

  • Mounting distance from 155MM to 165MM. 
  • Wider center plate. 
  • Difference between shafts is longer, applicable to 17-18’’ propellers and 5008/340KV motor [TL96020].


  • Boom diameter: 25MM
  • Distance between axis diameter: 1270MM
  • Kit diameter: 1320MM
  • Height: 420CM
  • Center plate: 301x209x2.5MM
  • Motor mounting pitch:16MM/ 19MM/ 25MM/ 27MM equilateral triangle installation.
  • Propeller specification: 17-18’’ propeller
  • Brushless Motor: 5008/340KV, TL96020
  • Battery: 6S 22.2V 15000-20000MHA
  • Brushless ESC: 35-40A
  • Mounting boom diameter: 12MM
  • Weight with full accessories: 11KG
  • Kit Weight: 2.0KG

Kit Includes:

  • T15/T18 Battery Mount                                        TL15T01 x2
  • T15/T18 Aluminum Bolt                                         TL15T02 x2
  • T15/T18 Metal Reinforcement Plate                      TL15T03 x1
  • T18 UAV center plate                                            TL18T03 x1
  • Pure Carbon Boom for T18                                    TL18T01 x4
  • Pure Carbon Boom for T18                                    TL18T02 x4
  • T15/T18 Foldable Oct-copter Mount                      TL15T06 x2
  • Foldable Mount for GPS Antenna                           TL15T08 x1
  • T810/T960 Foldable Landing Gear Set                  TL96013 x1
  • Multi-copter Spacing Shim / 4 pieces                     TL96021 x4
  • T810/T960 Gimbal Hanging Parts                          TL96014 x1
  • 8 in 1 Aggregator                                                  TL100B14 x1
  • Metal Clamping Holder for Multi-copter                  TL9605 x8
  • 25MM Motor Mount for Multi-copter/ Orange          TL9602 x2
  • 25MM Motor Mount for Multi-copter/ Black              TL9603 x6
  • Titanium contact file x1
  • Water sticker x8
  • Color sticker x2
  • Velcro sticker x2
  • Instruction x1
  • Spare screw pack x1
  • Color Box x1