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SpeedyBee F7 V2 30x30 Flight Controller
SpeedyBee F7 V2 30x30 Flight Controller

SpeedyBee F7 V2 30x30 Flight Controller

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The SpeedyBee F7 V2 FC is the world's first FC with wireless firmware flasher and black-box analysis. Set motor directions wirelessly with built-in Wifi/Bluetooth capabilities! Whether you're at home or at the field, your SpeedyBee F7 V2 is ready for you all the time. Configure your newly built quad wirelessly or fine-tune your PID's, access your black box data, and configure any other parameters in between flights in just a few minutes. Forget your laptop! With SpeedyBee f& V2, you can configure your FC conveniently with your smartphone.


  • World's first Buzzer BZ+ and BZ- pad used for 5V Buzzer flashing, and Blackbox analysis.
  • Supports Flight Controller Firmware BetaFlight(Default), EMUFlight
  • SmartPort Use any TX pad of UART for the SmartPort feature.
  • BLE Support, used for Flight Controller configuration
  • DJI Air Unit slot A full DJI Air Unit JST slot onboard
  • WiFi Support, used for data transfer, e.g firmware
  • Boot button Used to easy enter DFU mode
  • RSSI input RSSI input solder pad
  • LED pin Used for WS2812 LED
  • Wifi/Bluetooth Capabilities


  • Power input: 3S - 6S Lipo
    • 5V power output: 7 * 5V output, 6 pads, and a BZ+ pad used for Buzzer, the maximum load current is 2.5A. 9V * 1, the maximum load current is 2.5A.
    • 9V power output 2 * 9V output, 1 pad, and another one used for DJI slot
    • 4.5V power output 1 * 4.5V output pad
    • 3.3V power output 1 * 3.3V output pad, the maximum load current is 500mA.
  • UART: Full UART * 5(UART1, UART2, UART3, UART5, UART6)
  • I2C: Used for external Magnetometer, Sonar, etc.
  • Mounting :30.5 x 30.5mm, 4mm hole size
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
  • BetaFlight Camera Control Pad: Yes
  • BlackBox: 16MB onboard data flash
  • Current Sensor: 1: 10 (Scale 168)
  • ESC Telemetry: UART UART4 RX
  • Target Name: SPEEDYBEEF7V2
  • Dimension 41 x 38 x 6.9mm
  • ESC signal: M1 - M4
  • Baro: BMP280 (I2C)
  • MCU: STM32F722
  • IMU:  MPU6000
  • USB: Type-C
  • Weight: 9g



  • 1x SpeedyBee F7 V2 Flight Controller
  • 5x M3 8mm Antivibration Silicone Grommets
  • 1x JST 8PIN Cable (15mm)
  • 1x DJI 6PIN Cabel (80mm)