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SEQURE Mini SQ-001 65W Digital OLED Soldering Iron Kit w/Tool Bag - Black

SEQURE Mini SQ-001 65W Digital OLED Soldering Iron Kit w/Tool Bag - Black

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The SEQURE Mini SQ-001 65W Digital OLED Soldering Iron Kit w/Tool Bag (Black) is the perfect combination that includes all the essential tools electronic engineers and FPV enthusiasts need to perform their daily tasks!
Mini Soldering Iron Controller
SQ-001 is based on 304 stainless steel nested ABS + PC shell, Integrated special power interface, Safety circuit design, Antistatic structure.The perfect combination of embedded STM32 processor, dual temperature sensor, and acceleration transmitter.Make SQ-001 realize intelligent temperature control between 100-400 degrees, more stable temperature, instantaneous temperature rise, automatic sleep, over-temperature alarm, and other functions.
Mini Soldering Iron Heating end

The heating end adopts internal heating core
Factory preset temperature: 300 ?
Temperature stability range: ± 2%
External independent power supply: DC 5525 power interface, suitable for DC 12-24v notebook power supply, vehicle power supply, and mobile power supply.
Micro USB interface: set temperature rise curve, user-defined function key, and firmware upgrade function through the parameter file.
Additional functions: application layer open-source design. You can change the internal parameter settings according to your own needs to meet more and more performance needs of different customers.

Safety Instructions

Please use a ground clamp, proper power supply, and other accessories to ensure safe use.
When SQ-001 is used for the first time, it may slightly smoke due to the heating of the electric heating element, which is a normal Phenomenon.
If SQ-001 is used continuously for more than 350 ° C for 40 minutes, the handle temperature of soldering iron will reach 50°C~60°C.
When SQ-001 temperature rises, do not contact the iron head to avoid scalding.
When SQ-001 is powered on, the iron head cannot be replaced.

Soldering Iron Tool Bag Specifications

Product size (L * W * H): 175mm * 70mm * 50mm/6.89in*2.76in*1.97in
weight: about 77g


1 x SQ-001 Controller (Black)
4 x Solder Tips(TS-B2,TS-BC2,TS-D24,TS-I)
1 x Safety Instructions
1 x Hex Key
1 x User Manual
1 x DC5525 XT60 Power Cable
1 x Mini-bakelite Stand Holder
1xTool Bag
1x Lead-free solder wire
1x Paste flux
1x Tin absorbing wire