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S2 Steel 59-In-1 Screwdriver Set

S2 Steel 59-In-1 Screwdriver Set

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The S2 Steel 59-In-1 Screwdriver Set will give you new working experience. This screwdriver set can be used to repair, assemble/disassemble your mobile phone, camera, laptop, desktop and toys, just to name a few.

The batch head adopts imported S2 steel with high hardness and high durability.
The handle adopts an all-metal design, built-in steel extension rod, you can press the metal ring to manually control the appropriate length of the extension rod to meet the needs of different lengths.
The jack of the handle is a standard 4MM hexagonal size. The jack is equipped with a strong magnet to attract the bit. It is quick and convenient to replace the bit.
The soft rod can be bent to twists the screw, which is convenient for removing the screw in the dead corner of the narrow place.
Practicality is very strong, most of them can be disassembled. Whether it is a personal disassembly or home use.


Hexagonal Sleeve: M2.5 M3.0 M3.5 M4.0 M4.5 M5.0 M5.5
Inner Hexagon : H0.7 H0.9 H1.3 H1.5 H2.0 H2.5 H3.0 H4.0 H4.5 H5.0 H6.0
Slotted Specification: 2.5 3.03.5 4.0
Cross Specification:
Hexagonal Specifications: T2T3T4T5T6T7T8T9T10T15T20
V Type: Y0.6 Y2.0 Y2.5
Five Stars: Five stars 0.8 Five stars 1.2 Five stars 1.5
Square: S0S1 S2
U Type: U2.6 U3.0
Triangle: 2.03.0
Round: 0.8
Anti-Cross: Anti-Cross 2.0 (especially used for removing bullet sockets)


48 x S2 Steel Bit
8 x Sleeve
1 x Soft Rod
1 x Adapter (4MM to 6.35MM)
1 x Metal Handle (built-in steel extension rod)