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Ritewing Zephyr III Wing (Z3)
Ritewing Zephyr III Wing (Z3)
Ritewing Zephyr III Wing (Z3)
Ritewing Zephyr III Wing (Z3)
Ritewing Zephyr III Wing (Z3)

Ritewing Zephyr III Wing (Z3)

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The Ritewing Zephyr III Wing (Z3). The New Patent pending 47" Z3 has no need for a launcher, and it hand launches easier than the ZII.

The new Z3 utilizes the same airfoil design as the tried and true ZII but in a more compact size.Now it's stable like a big Z but can be broken down to go anywhere with ease. It will not flap or fold , it tracks true with no yaw.The design has been developed from years of testing , and has now been perfected in the Z3. Its fuselage is a lifting body and works very well, it retains major strength through its full length box spar system. The design puts handling at the top of its list, it lets all the utility weight sit on the CG .

The manufacturing is done here in the USA. All of the parts are custom made all the way down to the sleeves for the CF slip tubes being made from molded FG. You will not need to buy a speed spar package, no motor mount issues, your thrust angle is set.Fly it crazy fast it doesn't care!

Note: Color may vary on the coroplast winglets and vert. stabilizers


  • 47'' wing span with tons of wing area, very lite and rigid
  • Utilizes the custom Zeph airfoil for wings and fuse
  • Crazy tough and durable
  • Full breakdown
  • Huge range of gear and bats can be used due to major cg adjustability
  • Channels molded in for full wing lighting
  • Two piece fully adjustable motor mount
  • Custom tough box to fit Mobius and go pro
  • Wing verticals act as skids and vertical stabilizers, they protect the fuse belly on landings.
  • Custom wing keeper joiners
  • Doesn't need lam if you want to just paint it. Lam just gives it more performance.

Kit Includes

  • Epor wings and fuse set
  • 2 custom made Cf spars with Glass slip tube sockets
  • 8 2 mm FG rods for fuse and wing sparring
  • 2 ,4 mill coro verts (colors may vary)
  • 2 ,4 mil coro winglets (colors may vary)
  • 1 , 2 piece custom made T6 CNC alu motor mount with 440 screws and lock nuts
  • 4 alu Lid hubs with black nybolt thumb screws
  • 2 lengths of 2 mil coro for lids and saddle bay doors
  • 8 Delrin wing joiner clips with with 4 tension o rings
  • 2 2''custom balsa elevons

Recommended Components (sold separately)

Official build thread on FPVLab: http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?32564-New-Ritewing-Z3-S-build-info-thread

Z3 Video