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Remix 5" 5mm Arm Conversion Kit -V2

Remix 5" 5mm Arm Conversion Kit -V2

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With the release of the Remix V2, we decided to create an updated version of the 5" 5mm Conversion Kit. Current Remix V1 owners can begin to take advantage of some of the new properties of the V2 without having to buy an entirely new frame. The new conversion kit, includes a set of 5" 5mm arms, a pair of Remix V2 style camera plates, a new 5mm aluminum spacer and a set of polycarbonate top plate shims. The updated camera plates are significantly stronger, have better support for micro sized cameras, and a tilt adjustability range of 10-50 degrees. The arms are the new standard extra strong 5" 5mm arms used on the upcoming Remix V2. The top plate shims are 3d printed from carbon fiber infused polycarbonate and are used to fill the pocket milling areas on the V1 top plate. The shims help ensure compatibility with all Remix V2 parts, when using a V1 top plate.

This set contains 4x 5" 5mm arms and 2x camera plates which once installed on your Ummagawd Remix Frame will allow you to run 5" 5mm arm setup.


  • 4x 5" 5mm arms
  • 2x Camera plates
  • 4x Shims