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PULSE Lipo-Lithium Battery Charging Safe Box

PULSE Lipo-Lithium Battery Charging Safe Box

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Designed by engineers who know how dangerous a LiPo battery fire inside a home can be. The guys at Bat-Safe and  RC enthusiasts who came up with a safe and awesome solution to store, transport and most importantly charge your LiPo batteries. They partner with Pulsebattery to create the PULSE Lipo-Lithium Battery Charging Safe Box, which is designed with insulated steel fireproof box, fiberglass, and steel wool filter. All these components help filter the smoke and control the intense heat and arrest the flames.
Not only is this safe box perfect for storing and transporting your LiPo batteries safely, but also charging your batteries is what makes this battery box stand out from the others! To use, install the connecting wires from the charger to the battery (via the insulated fire collar), then clip the easy to use latch. Your battery will never cause a fire while charging, and you will have peace of mind. Moreover, this safe box has a magnetically attached hardpoint, for your charger to mount directly on the lid. This box is lightweight, so carrying it around will not be a problem.  Protect your home and make sure you never have a fire that could destroy the fun of your hobby!
For more information about Lipo Battery safety, check out our new drone learning page.
Note: You can charge 2x 6S 5000mAh batteries safely inside the unit.

Designed by engineers and RC enthusiast
Charging, storing and transporting LiPos
Fireproof battery safe 
Double steel insulated walls
Fiberglass and steel wool filter 
Stops flames and intense smoke
Easy to use latch and seal
Fire collar grommet for wires to connect from charger to battery
Magnetically attached mount for a charger 
Peace of mind when charging your batteries
Lightweight with carrying handle


Size: 300 x 220 x 160mm
Internal Dimensions: 240 x 165 x 80mm
Weight: 1920g


1x PULSE Lipo-Lithium Battery Charging Safe Box