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Power Supply for Battery Charger - 360w 15A 24V w/ XT60

Power Supply for Battery Charger - 360w 15A 24V w/ XT60

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This 24V 360W power supply can be used to power various RC electronics such as chargers that require a 24V power source. It even has three output terminals to power multiple chargers at once!
With important features such as short protection, overload protection, and temperature monitoring, this power supply is tough and reliable. The onboard LED will notify you of any warnings.
IMPORTANT: Please note the order and colors of the wires in the photos. It is VERY important to correctly attach your AC cable leads correctly to prevent hazards such as fire or shorts. Please Do NOT touch power supply when the power is on. If new with this item, please consult a specialist.

Max Output Power: 360W
Max Output Amps: 15A
Input Voltage: 110-220V
Output Voltage: 24V
Size: 215x114.5x50mm
Weight: 1.48bs
Output: 3 Terminals
Short Protection
Overload Protection
Overtemp Protection

Color Orientation (from the included AC Cable)

Brown: Neutral
Yellow/Green: Ground
Blue: Hot


1 x 24V Power Supply
1 x XT-60 Cable
1 x AC Cable with wire leads