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  • SAFE® Technology: The Blade® Nano QX2 FPV quadcopter drone features exclusive SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system that's custom tuned with intuitive flight modes that make flying with confidence easy for anyone. Because your access to the flight modes is right from a switch on your transmitter, you can make a split-second switch any time and stay in control.
    • Beginner Mode: Pitch and roll limits are locked to offer a limited flight envelope while electronic self-leveling offers positive stability the instant you release the sticks. This mode allows for around a 20 degree bank angle and is perfect for entry-level indoor racing or just learning.
    • Agility Mode: Pitch and roll limits are removed and pilots can fly with the enhanced precision AS3X® technology delivers in all aerobatic maneuvers. This mode offers the advanced pilot full agility for aerobatics and free style.
  • FPV (First Person View): From a tiny video camera mounted on this drone, real-time action is delivered before your eyes on a headset you wear like eyeglasses. It's an RC experience so immersive that you'll feel as though you're actually sitting in the pilot's seat. The Nano QX2 FPV requires an FPV headset on 5.8GHz like the easy-to-use Spektrum™, Fat Shark Focal™ FPV Headset (SPMVR2500) that features wireless head tracking and channel selection (sold separately).
  • Simple FPV Setup: The 25mW micro FPV camera system is headset ready. Its impressive video range means that you'll always be in line of sight. If you are operating this product in North America, you are required to have an Amateur Radio (HAM) license.
  • Intelligent Design: The inverted motor platform is higher in stability, further proving that the Nano QX2 FPV is the perfect quadcopter drone for FPV fun around the home or for beginners looking to get a great start.
  • Durable Airframe: The completely assembled airframe features a tough, lightweight design made with blade guards that help make little bumps against the walls or furniture uneventful. The wide frame allows for the use of a larger than normal battery for this quadcopter drone class.
  • Long Flight Times: The ultra micro 500mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Li-Po (EFLB5001S25UM) flight battery powers both the Nano QX2 and the FPV system for flights as long as 6–8 minutes. A 1S Li-Po charger is included that provides high current charge capability from a convenient 5.0V USB outlet/port.
  • Adjustable Camera: The view angle of the integrated FPV flight camera can be locked in place and is adjustable with about 15-degrees of movement up and down to provide the ideal view.
  • Channel Selection: Protected beneath the shell is a channel selection button for connecting the flight camera and required Fat Shark headset to an open channel. Up to seven 5.8GHz FPV systems can be flown at one time.
  • Bind-N-Fly® Convenience: Start enjoying this quality drone virtually the moment you open the box. Just charge the battery, bind the model to your DSMX® technology compatible transmitter and fly. 


  • Approximate Assembly Time: No assembly required 
  • Approximate Flight Time: 6-8 minutes 
  • Battery: 1S 500mAh 25C LiPo UMX Connector 
  • Canopy/Body Material: Plastic 
  • Channels: 4 
  • Flying Weight: 1.83 oz (52g) 
  • Height: 1.96 in (50mm) 
  • Length: 5.11 in (130mm) 
  • Main Frame Material: Plastic 
  • Main Motor Type: Brushed 
  • Width: 5.11 in(130mm) 

Needed To Complete 

  • Requires a full-range 5+ channel, multi-function transmitter with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSMX®/DSM2 technology for flight.
  • Requires a Fat Shark compatible FPV headset and/or FPV monitor on 5.8GHz to experience first-person view.