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MQC SXR (Stretched X Racer)
MQC SXR (Stretched X Racer)
MQC SXR (Stretched X Racer)
MQC SXR (Stretched X Racer)
MQC SXR (Stretched X Racer)

MQC SXR (Stretched X Racer)

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There is an elegance in simplicity that can only be found when form and function come together. We’ve taken the tried and true design of the MQC XHD and S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D it to create an all new racing-specific frame: Meet the MQC SXR (Stretched X Racer).

We spared no attention to detail, from the ability to mount the SMA both above OR below the prop-line with the included TPU SMA mount, to the filleted top plate with optional HD mount support. We have also included a TPU FPV cam accessory to help support and protect your camera for those “I almost made that gate” moments. We also have designed an entire line of additional 3D printed accessories for those looking for more customization options.

Simple. Functional. Warrantied.
The SLIM arms minimize drag at high-speeds, and have been crash-tested by our Team Pilot (and 2017 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship Top 50 Finisher) Seth Parker (Poison Pilot) to ensure they hold up to the rigors of racing. However, we all know that “rubbing is racing” and anything can happen out on the track – which is why the SXR is backed by the industries leading warranty program. We even included a FIFTH ARM to help get you back into the next heat while waiting on your replacement!


  • Material: 3K twill matte carbon fiber with Limited Lifetime Warranty*
  • Prop Support: 5”
  • Airframe Size: 218mm diagonal (138mm left to right / 168mm front to rear)
  • Dry Weight: 75g
  • Made in the USA


  • Hardware: All stainless steel bolts and nuts with aluminum standoffs
  • Body: Top plate, Mid plate, Bottom Plate, 5 arms, 2 FPV cam plates
  • 3D Prints: Rear SMA mount and front cam support/protector
  • Accessories: MQC Lipo straps / MQC Decal