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ImmersionRC Uno 2.4GHz NexWave (Filtered)
ImmersionRC Uno 2.4GHz NexWave (Filtered)

ImmersionRC Uno 2.4GHz NexWave (Filtered)

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This is the ImmersionRC Uno2400 2.4GHz receiver. This receiver includes the popular Fatshark/ImmersionRC 'NexWaveRF' series of A/V frequencies.

The standard edition has better rejection of out of band signals, hence use next to a UHF transmitter is no problem and will not result in loss of range or visible noise in the image. Sensitivity is reduced by 2-3dB versus the UF - UnFiltered edition.


  • -92dBm typical sensitivity (UF), NexWaveRF module technology
  • High Bandwidth Stereo Audio
  • Ships with 2.15dBi 2.4GHz SMA male omnidirectional antenna
  • Single A/V and power cable supplied in the box
  • 6-16V DC supply voltage (2.1mm plug, center pin positive)
  • Single Cable Groundstation Connection (Power, Audio, Video, Control/Data)
  • Triple buffered A/V outputs (one combined with the groundstation connector)
  • Frequencies split into 13 channels, across 4 bands, to allow support for the Lawmate, Airwave, EU and US legal frequencies.

Package Contents

  • A receiver UNO 2400 NexWave 2.4 GHz
  • A cable audio / video output with female jack (yellow = video, audio R = red, white = audio L).
  • A power adapter jack to 2.1 mm.
  • An antenna 2.15 dBi 2.4 GHz