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IBCrazy 1.3GHz Bluebeam Ultra Mad Mushroom Antenna (single)

IBCrazy 1.3GHz Bluebeam Ultra Mad Mushroom Antenna (single)

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Another amazing creation is built by Alex Greve (IBCrazy).  The new Mad Mushroom antenna design surpasses the other antenna designs for FPV flying performance.  This 1.3GHz antenna is right hand circular polarized, and can be used with linearly polarized antennas (with some loss) or a more perfect match is another right hand circularly polarized antenna.  Not to be used with left hand circular polarized antennas.

Includes RHCP 5 lobe antenna mounted to a 2″ (5cm) cable with integrated balun and a straight SMA male plug.

  • Bandwidth: XX-XXMHz  (It is really wide band!)
  • Can be used as both transmit and receive antenna.