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HoverThings "Flip Sport" Frame (Black)
HoverThings "Flip Sport" Frame (Black)
HoverThings "Flip Sport" Frame (Black)
HoverThings "Flip Sport" Frame (Black)

HoverThings "Flip Sport" Frame (Black)

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Tired of breaking frames? We are too! That's why we created the new "FLIP" frame!

This frame was designed with TWO things in mind... #1, strength, #2 simplicity.  When we wanted to do fast low flips, we wanted a tough frame.. so we made one just for us.  While testing our new frame, we crashed into just about everything and then started trying to knock each other out of the sky in quad battles.  We still didn't break one (but we broke lots of props)!  Now it's become sort of a sport for us... meeting and trying to smack into each other.  We wouldn't try this with any other frame.

The "FLIP" is incredibly light yet STRONG. The arms do not twist like cheap plastic arms, and they do not bend like expensive aluminum arms.  They are extremely stiff and light.  

Yeah, we probably won't make any money on spare parts, but we don't care because we like to make awesome frames.  Can you break it? Maybe (if you run it over with your car) ... but we haven't broken one yet from flying and we have many many crashes on it so far into grass, concrete, into signs, and of course into other FLIP quads.   No, it's NOT unbreakable (nothing is), but it's tougher than any other frame we have flown.

The flip now includes "snap-on" landing gear. It can be installed and removed in seconds, no tools required.

The frame is 385mm motor shaft to motor shaft through the center plate. Standard DJI motors will work fine, but any 28mm motor in the 900-1200kv range with 8" props would be perfect. Hole pattern will accept KK, Quadrino, CC, and most other flight controllers. The frame will accept 8" and 10" props, 8" is plenty... 9" is crazy, and 10" is just insane.  Weight of the frame is UNDER 7oz (200g).   

 The flip frame is proudly manufactured right here in the USA, with materials supplied by US companies.