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Uber small and micron light, Furious FPV debuts the lightest and smallest brushless quad copter that has ever seen flight. Enter the insanity of the Moskito 70 - the itch that feels oh, so good.

Integration is the key to success, and with the Moskito 70, we have packaged this little beast to perform. And when it comes to transmitter preferences, we have you covered. Designed for Spektrum compatibility, the Moskito 70 is the ultimate in BTF simplicity.

Feature packed and rocket ship fast, the Moskito boasts built in hardware that belie its micro size, such as SBus capability, 7A compatible DShot ESC's, and high kV brushless motors for incredible levels of power. And when we say power, we mean it - a 4:1 power to weight ratio that will turn the props into a banshee like blur.

With 2S input power, the Moskito is nearly the same size & weight as the ultra popular Inductrix FPV with a stellar jump in power & performance. Flying on rails, the Moskito boasts ultra direct throttle feedback with incredible levels of tactile response, offering pure FPV insanity with every flight you take. Simply put, if you loved the Inductrix, the Moskito 70 will exceed every possible level the Inductrix could ever hope to achieve - modified or stock.

Designed with an ultra small footprint for the tightest of spaces, the Moskito is at home indoors and out, ready to mix it up in micro FPV mayhem. And with an excelent camera and dipole antenna system for light weight, the Moskito 70 is built to thrill wherever you fly, making any locale an insane FPV experience you won't soon forget.

Looking for the ultimate in micro brushless performance? With the Moskito 70, Furious FPV has brought forth the ultimate BTF solution to your micro quad addition - the only itch you'll ever want to last.


  • The Smallest Brushless Quad On Planet Earth
  • Molecular Light at 45g All Up Weight
  • Smallest & Lightest Brushless FC Ever Debuted - the RACEWHOOP with DSHOT ready.
  • Uber Small 70mm Size
  • 7A Ultra Light BLHELI-S DShot 300 Compatible ESC's
  • 2S 7.4V LiPo Power Ready
  • 45mm Props specially designed for Maximum Levels of Thrust
  • Strong plastic injection Prop Guards for Ultra Durability
  • High Quality Super light 3.6g VTx and Camera system
  • Micro beeper installed for support finding the MOSKITO in case of lost
  • Completely assembled just need bind with SPEKTRUM, JR transmitters then fly.


  • Size: 70mm
  • Weight: 45g w/o Battery
  • Power: 2S 7.4V - 300mAh <20g
  • Battery size recomment: 14*45*18mm (W x L x H : mm)
  • Power Connector Type: Red JST
  • Antenna: Linear Dipole antenna
  • 25mW 5.8GHz 40CH Raceband VTX
  • Propellers: 45mm Props specially designed for MOSKITO 70
  • DSMX Spektrum Compatibility: DX6, DX6E, DX7, DX8, DX9, DX9E
  • JR Transmitter compatibility DSMX/DSM2 module: JR12X, JR11X, JR9503, JR9303

*Click here to download manual

*Download Firmware