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FPVCrate STARK FPV Freestyle 5" Quadcopter Frame

FPVCrate STARK FPV Freestyle 5" Quadcopter Frame

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The STARK is an exclusive FPVCrate frame designed in-house by their FPV wizard, Santiago Espindola (@espeedyfpv). The STARK has been manufactured in conjunction with T-Motor, so the quality of the frame is top shelf.
Compatible with 5" propellers! 

Not All Frames Are Created EqualIt’s true that almost all drone frames are made from the same material, but this does NOT mean that frames are all the same. Even the method of manufacturing these frame components will dictate the quality of the airframe. Let’s take a deeper look…
Choose Your Own AdventureRacing, Freestyle, Long-Range, Cinematic? Each one of these disciplines places different demands on the frame. A racer is looking for the lightest frame possible, sometimes at the sacrifice of durability. A Freestyle pilot cares more about durability than weight….sometimes that concrete gap is none too forgiving! The Cinematic and Long-Range pilots want more space on-board for additional gear, like GPS, HD camera, HD FPV feed, etc.
The STARK is designed as a Freestyle and Cinematic frame. The frame is super tough and designed for onboard space. There is plenty of room for a full-sized stack, DJI Digital System, a kitchen sink, and more! With two For the Freestyler, the STARK has “Hulk-like” 5mm chamfered interlocking arms that are Ironman approved.
A Spacious InteriorThe STARK has been designed to fit all the components you might ever need, and more! With two mounting locations for your electronics (either bay can fit both 20mm X 20mm and 30.5mm X 30.5mm stacks), this frame has space for your full-sized stack, a DJI HD unit, GPS, and still has room to spare.
There are a bunch of different camera options out there today. From nano to full-sized, analog to digital, the choices are varied. The STARK can handle it all. Whether your camera is 1.9mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm, analog, or digital, this frame can safely cradle your precious “eye in the sky”.
Built to Take a BeatingIf you are hard on your frames then this is the one for you. The STARK is a 3K carbon frame that starts out with 5mm chamfered (meaning the sharp edges have been sanded smooth) arms that interlock between the bottom plate and the X-plate. All of the other frame pieces are made from 3mm carbon. Even the camera plates are 3mm!
The strength doesn’t stop at the carbon. The hardware for the STARK is just as durable. All of the black oxide steel button head screws are M3 and tough as nails. Spacing the frame out are premium 7070 aluminum knurled matte standoffs (32mm) to give you lots of room between the plates and plenty of rigidity to protect your components.
How Does it Stack Up?Talk to five different mini-quad pilots about how they mount their stack and you’ll get five different methods to do it! The designers of the STARK understand this so we have provided plenty of different stack hardware for the ultimate in flexibility. Included in the hardware pack are a set of M3 X 30mm stack screws, series of O-Rings and plastic spacers, and a set of M3 Nylock nuts to hold it all together.
Keeping You Strapped and SecureAll of these features are worthless if you can’t keep your battery on your frame. The STARK has you covered. Included with the frame is an anti-slip battery strap to keep you from ejecting that brand new 6s you just bought!
STARK - The Total PackageIf you would rather spend your time flying and catching epic footage than rebuilding after crashes then the STARK is the frame for you. Designed by pilots, for pilots, the STARK will give you hours of aerial memories.

Model - STARK
Intended Use - Freestyle, Cinematic FPV
Frame Size - 5”
Frame Dimensions - 200mmX183mmX37mm
Wheelbase - 265mm
Weight - 127 grams
Frame Material - 3K Carbon
Arm Thickness - 5 mm
Plate Thickness For All Other Pieces - 3 mm
Chamfered Edges on Carbon             - Arms and Top Plate
Standoff Material - Premium 7070 Aluminum 
Standoff Finish - Matte Finish, Knurled Ends
Standoff Height - 32 mm
Stack Hardware Included - For Multiple Configurations
FPV Camera Style - Analog or Digital


Full Carbon Fiber airframe with removable 5mm arms (5") 

Stack Hardware

5 x M3x30 screws
5 x M3x6 spacers 
5 x m3 nuts 
9 x m3 rubber grommets

Arm + Bottom Plate Hardware

9 x M3x10 screws

Top + Bottom Plate Hardware

17 x M3x6 screws
8 x M3x32 Orange Standoffs

Stark Manual