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FM4006-13 740kv
FM4006-13 740kv
FM4006-13 740kv
FM4006-13 740kv
FM4006-13 740kv

FM4006-13 740kv

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The Lumeneir FM-4006-13 740kv multi rotor motor is a powerful pancake motor specifically designed for multi-rotors. It performs well with 10" props and is a good choice for Lumenier's QAV500 FPV Quadcopter and the QAV540G. The motor has a 19x25mm mounting hole pattern and requires M3 screws to mount (not included). This motor is produced for Lumenier by Tiger Motors, the leaders in multi-rotor motors. The FM4006 is a more affordable version of the very popular MT4006 at almost 40% savings. Compared to the Tiger MT4006 the FM4006 uses lower grade ball bearings, which can be upgraded at a later point if necessary. The FM4006 motor uses the same high quality bell and base as the MT4006.


  • One motor with long motor cables and bullet connectors pre soldered
  • One 6mm diameter prop adapter
  • One prop washer and nut (no 'spinner')
  • 3x Socket Hex screws to mount the prop adapter
  • Mounting screws are NOT included with this motor. Use an M3 threaded screw. For example, a suitable screw for mounting this motor to a 1.6mm carbon fiber or G10 motor mounting plate would be a M3 x 5mm or 6mm button head socket screw. The fpvmanuals QAV400 and QAV500 frames do include mounting screws suitable for this motor.

Please Note

  • Use "HIGH" timing for PWM ESCs
  • Motor does not work with some MK i2c speed controllers
  • To use with SimonK flashed ESCs, please use the latest SimonK firmware
  • While the shaft is 4mm, the included prop-adapter is 6mm! Keep that in mind when sizing props or prop spacers. For instance, to make this motor work with 10" Graupner E-Props requires a 8mm to 6mm prop reducer

Replacement Bearings or Bearings Upgrade

If desired, these motors can be upgraded to high-end, ceramic bearings from Boca Bearings. Boca sells bearing kits that come with 2 bearings per kit. You will need 1 kit (2 bearings) per motor. Choose one of 3 quality levels of bearings.

You can also upgrade the motor to use the same bearings as the MT4006 series from Tiger Motors.