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Flytrex Live 3G - (DJI Naza-M / Phantom, Blade 350 QX, APM)
Flytrex Live 3G - (DJI Naza-M / Phantom, Blade 350 QX, APM)
Flytrex Live 3G - (DJI Naza-M / Phantom, Blade 350 QX, APM)
Flytrex Live 3G - (DJI Naza-M / Phantom, Blade 350 QX, APM)

Flytrex Live 3G - (DJI Naza-M / Phantom, Blade 350 QX, APM)

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Flytrex Live is the most advanced and light weight flight computer available today. Flytrex Live keeps your multirotor connected at all times and makes flying exciting than ever and secure. Key features include: automatically logs flight details as-you-fly, earn badges as your piloting skills improve, join a challenge and compete with other pilots world-wide, fly-away defender using the live-tracker feature, live flight channels lets you share your flight telemetry and Google map flight path with friends & family while in the air and much more.

Be sure to choose your cable for hookup:


  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.8 x 1.1 cm
  • Weight: 31 gram
  • 3G GSM (Requires micro SIM with data plan)
  • Internal Memory: 16 MB
  • Supported flight controllers: DJI Naza/Phantom (all versions), Blade 350 QX, APM 2.5 and 2.6 (dedicate cable required depending on your flight controller of choice)

The Must Have for Multirotor Pilots

  • Flight Logger
    Automatic flight logger - all flights are stored in your personal pilot profile
  • Mission Analyzer
    Analyze your flight missions with detailed graphs and stats for each mission
  • Badges & Challenges
    Unlock badges as you improve and challenge yourself against other pilots worldwide
  • Versatile
    Supports DJI Naza/Phantom, Blade 350 QX, APM 2.5/2.6 and more..
  • 3G Powered 
    Keeps your expensive equipment connected at all times using 3G technology
  • Live Flight Channel
    Share your live flight telemetry with Google Map path overlay as you fly
  • Live Tracker
    Never lose your multirotor with the built-in live tracker and the Last-Seen online tool
  • Light and Robust
    31gr of advanced technology placing it leaps ahead of other alternatives

Log and Analyze

Use aircraft manager to track mission records and stats for each of your multirotors and quadcopters.

Personal Records book helps you analyze your personal improvement over time and best results. Easily see and share your best flight achievements with friends.

Badges and Challenges

Show off your multi-rotor achievements by earning Flytrex badges. Unlock badges for speed, ascent, altitude, diving, world wide traveling, and more!

Join a challenge, compete with other pilots worldwide and climb the leaderboards as you improve. There are always new challenges for you to conquer, and we're open to suggestions - so let us know what you'd like to see!

Live Tracker - Last Seen

Never lose your multirotor. Use our online Last Seen tool found in your personal Flytrex Profile to see where your multirotor was last spotted.

Unlike other trackers that rely on challenge-response operation, Flytrex Live uses advanced live tracking technology that guarantees you'll always know where your multirotor was last seen, even if all is lost.

Live Flight Channel

Share your flight in real time with your personal Live Flight Channel.

Broadcast your flight telemetry, stats, and Google Maps flight path as you fly. Link to your channel or allow Flytrex to automatically post to your Facebook timeline whenever you take off!

How to Register Your Flytrex Live Device