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Eagle Tree Alerter Buzzer/LED
Eagle Tree Alerter Buzzer/LED

Eagle Tree Alerter Buzzer/LED

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Small and lightweight, the powerful Alerter Buzzer/LED provides important audiovisual information about your Vector equipped model's status, and a "smart" lost model/battery saver alarm. Great for use when flying either FPV or LOS!


  • LOUD multitone buzzer with programmable volume
  • Three SUPER BRIGHT LEDs with programmable brightness, and diffused viewport
  • Unique, programmable Inactivity Alarm serves as a lost model alarm, and alerts you if you forget to disconnect your flight pack
  • Buzzer provides audible indication of errors and other events
  • LEDs show Vector status, number of GPS satellites in view, and more
  • For multirotors, LED brightness and buzzer volume can be programmed to be at highest levels only when armed
  • Comes with 6"/15cm connection cable


  • Dimensions 29mm x 19mm x 9mm / 1.14" x 0.75" x 0.35"
  • Weight: 4g / 0.14oz

IMPORTANT: the Alerter's high powered LEDs and Buzzer require that the maximum 5V PSU draw be reduced from 1A to 500mA. Also, the Alerter is not compatible with the power function of the GoPro AV Cable. See Vector manual for more information.