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Dragon Link Advanced 915 MHz Wifi Complete Systems with 1000 mW Radio Modem Receiver

Dragon Link Advanced 915 MHz Wifi Complete Systems with 1000 mW Radio Modem Receiver

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The Dragon Link Advanced 915 MHZ WiFi is constructed using the best performing, highest quality components, latest and most advanced technology available. The built-in long-range Radio Modem will give you every option imaginable to display telemetry on computers, tablets, phones, and other ground station devices. The Dragon Link system will connect to Windows, Apple, and Android devices via WiFi and Bluetooth.
Once the Dragon Link system is set up, there is zero hassles, zero extra steps, just turn your RC transmitter on and fly. The Dragon Link system is built to outperform everything else on market and last for many years. It is not cheap, but it will be the best FPV investment you can make.

Connects to all brands of RC transmitters.
50 Kilometer Radio Control Range, 50 Kilometer Radio Modem Range.
Frequency Hopping ignores interfering signals and moves to the next clear frequency.
Full Bidirectional Radio Modem Capability and RC control in one unit.
Supports all flight controllers.
Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to any computer, tablet, or phone.
Fully configurable using PC software.
Hassle-Free! Once configured just turn on and fly.

IMPORTANT: Frequency Choice, 433 MHZ, or 915 MHZ System ???There are advantages and disadvantages to each frequency system. There is no frequency that is best for everyone, which is why we now offer both choices.

Transmitter Module Voltage: 5 - 18 Volts (2-4 cell LiPo)
Receiver Voltage: 5 - 9 Volts (BEC or 2 cell LiPo)
Transmitter Power Output: 1000 mW
Frequency: 915 MHZ - Frequency Hopping in ARS Band.
Typical Range: 50 KM Using Supplied Antennas


Weight: 90 Grams
Length: 79 Millimeters
Width: 60 Millimeters
Height: 15 Millimeters


Weight: 12 Grams
Length: 60 Millimeters
Width: 22 Millimeters
Height: 15 Millimeters

433 MHz 
1. Lower Frequency has a longer range. 200 Kilometer Range is possible using a Directional Yagi Antenna.2. Lower Frequency has better object penetration.3. 433 MHZ works very well with all Video Frequencies, including 1.3 GHz.4. 433 MHZ band is much less used, with virtually no interference for the system to avoid resulting in absolute optimum conditions and performance.5. Interference from devices found on FPV planes can be much worse on 433 MHZ. This will preclude the use of some BEC's and other things that can generate RF noise. This will also require more setup work and troubleshooting if you have a device that generates RF interference. 6. The 433 MHZ receiver antenna on the airplane is twice the size of the 915 MHZ receiver antenna.
1. Higher Frequency has a shorter range.2. Higher Frequency is more easily blocked by objects.3. 915 MHZ works great with 5.8 GHz, and 2.4 GHz video. Extreme Filtering is built into the Dragon Link receiver, so it will work perfectly with 1.3 GHZ video. But most video receivers have very poor filtering built-in, so The High Pass filter that we sell with this system will be required for the 915 MHZ system to work well with 1.3 GHZ video systems.4. 915 MHZ band is much more used, the system will hop to avoid interference, so you will not even be aware interference is there, the system will just work.5. Onboard devices such as BEC's, Flight controllers, etc generate much less interference on 915 MHZ Band, you are likely to have a much easier setup without having to troubleshoot issues being caused by other devices on your plane. This also allows you to place these items closer together on small planes and copters.6. 915 MHZ Receiver antenna is 1/2 the size of the 433 MHZ antenna, making this system much better for closely spaced equipment on small planes and copters.


1 x Long Range Advanced 915 MHZ WiFi Transmitter
1 x Long Range Advanced 1000 mW Radio Modem Micro Receiver
1 x High-Performance Transmitter Antenna
1 x High-Performance Receiver Antenna
1 x Connection Cable for Transmitter Module
2 x Connection Cables for Radio Modem and Telemetry

Questions regarding your item?
The Dragon Link team offers full support at support@fpvpro.comThe Dragon Link Advanced WiFi system is made in the USA and FULLY GUARANTEED in the USA. The system includes everything you need for long-range and high-performance RC control and Radio Modem Telemetry, there is nothing additional to purchase. Just order the complete system, and chose the correct options above for your RC Transmitter connection cables and airplane antenna options.