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DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System (Set of 2)
DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System (Set of 2)
DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System (Set of 2)
DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System (Set of 2)

DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System (Set of 2)

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The E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System is a multirotor propulsion system that is designed for multi-rotor aircrafts with 7-15 kg weight limits. The Pro version adopts an integrated structure and a total solution for heat dissipation design. The 17-inch carbon propeller, together with 4216 motor and sine-wave drive ESCs with real time diagnostics, unlock vastly greater possibilities for professional aerial photographers.


  • The E1200 Pro can be adapted on frames with 25mm-diameter arm tubes. It features enhanced efficiency, security and endurance.
  • The powertrain integrates 4216 motor, 40A smart ESC and 17-inch propeller, making assembly and configuration more convenient than ever.
  • The design of the powertrain provides effective protection for the internal mechanisms while making assembly and configuration more convenient.
  • The Z-Blade 17-inch foldable propellers are made using an advanced carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, which reduces rotational inertia and enhances rigidity.
  • New, upgraded motors promote efficient heat dissipation to improve endurance and reliability, even when flying in harsh environments.
  • The Smart ESCs feature a sinusoidal drive, which provides greater efficiency and more agile dynamic response.
  • High visibility LED indicators provide real-time motor status information, enhancing flight safety.


For ultimate convenience, the E1200 Pro’s integrated ESC, 
motor, and propeller are designed as a single unit that can
be installed quickly and easily on the arm
of any compatible platform. It also enables 
a total solution for heat dissipation.


As one of the largest members of the Z-blade series, the 17-inch propeller boosts both 
efficiency and thrust. The application of advanced ultra-carbon-fiber composite, provides the 
rigidity of a metal propeller with lower inertial momentum. The classic folding design protects 
the propellers while making transportation and use as simple and efficient as ever.


A built-in centrifugal fan provides active cooling for both the ESC and the motor. Grid-shaped structure in the top allows for adequate ventilation while keeping dust and other debris out. The dissipation area of the integrated base plate has been enlarged by 200-300%, effectively enhances passive cooling of the system.


The sine-wave drive ESC increases power efficiency by capturing energy that is produced during deceleration. Active braking provides better dynamic response.


When using the E1200 Pro to upgrade your S900 using a standard 6S battery, flight endurance can be extended by nearly 30% *, assuming a consistent takeoff weight. With greater thrust, the maximum take-off weight can be increased by 1.8kg*. 
Moreover, the E1200 Pro is capable of working in environmental temperature up to 60°C and is capable of taking-off at altitudes 2000m higher than previous generations.

*Flight endurance and take-off weights are compared to S900 4114 motors with 15 inch blades. Your results may vary depending on environmental conditions and other factors.


Each smart ESC can receive real-time diagnostic data from the motor and visually communicate its status via high-visibility LEDs. This provides the user with a timely warning in the event of abnormal motor function.

Spark-proof circuitry offers enhanced safety and protection when plugging in or unplugging the power source.


  • Powertrain Clockwise ×1
  • Powertrain Counter-Clockwise ×1
  • Screws for arms (M3×14 hexagon)
  • Screws for foldable propellers (M3×12.5 hexagon)
  • Screws for propeller mount cover (M3×8)
  • Screws for motor base mount (M3×12 hexagon)
  • Soft dampers
  • Propeller washers


Remounting the Propellers
1) Use two foldable propeller mounting screws (M3×12.5 hexagon), the two propeller cover mounting screws (M3×8), and the four propeller washers to remount the propellers.
2) First apply thread locker to the thread of the propeller mount, then tighten the screws until the propeller blades are securely clamped and can rotate freely.

Propeller Precautions
Check the markers on the screws and propeller covers before every flight. If the propellers are loose, the markers will provide a visual cue, indicating that the screws should be tightened.

Assembling Motor Vibration Absorbers
Affix the motor vibration dampers. First insert the dampers, then tighten the four screws on motor base mount (M3×12 hexagon). The assembly process is identical for both the lockwise and counter-clockwise propellers.


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