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Circular Polarized Lens for LayerLens GoPro 3 & 4

Circular Polarized Lens for LayerLens GoPro 3 & 4

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A professional Circular Polarized Lens for the GoPro 3 version of LayerLens (LayerLens sold separately).

The polarized lens helps reduce the glare from reflected surfaces such as water or metal. With reduced glare, the GoPro video will reveal more detail of areas like water or highly reflective material.

Handle with care and only clean with a cleaning solution appropriate for photographic lenses and a microfiber cloth. Made in the USA.


  • Lens Thicknes: 0.70" / ~1.8mm
  • Light Transmission: 38%
  • Quarter wave type: Polycarbonate
  • Retardance: 125nm
  • Coatings, front-back: None
  • Overall Dimensions: 1.386" x 1.260" x .070"
  • Linear axis direction: 1.386" (90º)

How it Works

How Circular Polarization Works

When light bounces off of a surface, its waves tend to be strongest in a particular direction — usually horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This is called polarization. Sunlight bouncing off a surface like water, a road, or metal will usually reflect horizontally, striking the camera's lens intensely and creating glare. By laminating the lens with tiny vertical stripes that only allow vertically angled light to enter the camera's sensor, glare is eliminated because the horizontal light waves cannot bypass the vertical filter.

Polarization Example
Polarization example image

Polarized LayerLens Example