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Chimera Flying Wing - Basic Kit
Chimera Flying Wing - Basic Kit
Chimera Flying Wing - Basic Kit
Chimera Flying Wing - Basic Kit

Chimera Flying Wing - Basic Kit

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The Chimera, created by Alex (IBCrazy). An FPV wing with a different sense of flight than you'd expect. While it is quite fast (up to 95mph), it's not a speed ship... it is an endurance plane.


  • Top (recommended) speed - 95mph
  • Battery: 2X 3S 4000 Lipo
  • Range: 35 miles round trip
  • Flight time: 45 minutes
  • AUW: 1.8Kg (just under 4 lbs) with video gear
  • Solid wood ailerons (not coroplast!)

Both the PRO and Standard version come with the following:

  • Airplane frame
  • Laminating film
  • 2 tubes of adhesive
  • Motor mounts
  • Solid wood elevons
  • 4 fiberglass spars
  • Winglets

What gear to use? (from Ibcrazy himself)

Motor: I recommend a 400-600 Watt motor. More power is fun, but anything over 700Watts is more than you need with this airplane and will reduce flight times. I personally use a 3015 - 1640kv and 8X prop. A large 1500 kV and 9X5 or 9X6 would do well also.

Servos: The pro has cuts for 12 gram metal gear servos (I like the Corona 939MG's, personally). However a larger servo can be beneficial such as the Hitec HS82MG. I recommend a metal gear servo as the elevons are solid wood and can strip a servo in a wreck.

Average flight expectations:

  • Weight: 2kG (4.2lbs)
  • Range: 50km (35 miles)
  • Speed: 110km/h (75mph)
  • Distance: 60km (40 miles) round trip
  • Batteries: 2X 3S 4000mAh Lipo

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