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Catalyst 180-R Frame (3mm)
Catalyst 180-R Frame (3mm)
Catalyst 180-R Frame (3mm)
Catalyst 180-R Frame (3mm)

Catalyst 180-R Frame (3mm)

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The Speed Addict 180-R is a no compromise racer. It is designed for serious FPV pilots looking to compete at the highest level of drone racing competition. This is the Formula 1 equivalent of racing drones. When this drone was designed the focus was to make it faster and more agile than anything else currently available.  There were three primary goals  kept in mind when designing this drone. First, the roll and pitch axes hold as much as the mass as possible. The closer the mass is to an axis on an object, the less work it takes to rotate that object. Second, weight is kept low, but power capability is kept high. Using a specially designed body focused on efficiency, this frame maintains a consistent high power output without sacrificing durability. Finally, the 210-R has a symmetrical center of gravity thats on the same plane as the propellers, which makes turning and directional changes much easier.



  • 3mm Option Frame Weight: 93 grams with antenna 
  • Frame size is 180mm - prop to prop diagonally. 
  • Supported motors: 2204, 2206, 2208, 1806, 1306. 
  • Supported lipo sizes: 1000mah - 1550 mah 
  • Supported lipo voltage: 4s is suggested for this frame.
  • Max prop size: 4"