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BAT-SAFE Mini Battery Charging Safe Box

BAT-SAFE Mini Battery Charging Safe Box

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If you’re into drones, FPV or RC, then you have lithium batteries. They are an integral part of the hobby and as power demands increase so does the size and energy storage of the batteries. It may be rare, but there is always a chance for a Lipo to catch fire, especially if damaged or overcharged. That is why all manufacturers caution to charge only while attended. 
However, not every accident can be avoided, and for that, there is the BAT-SAFE Battery Safe Box.
The BAT-SAFE Box is an insulated double-wall steel box designed by an aerospace engineer. The smoke and nasty soot created by a Lipo fire are filtered through a steel and fiberglass flame arrestor which also reduced the heat of the exhaust. Instead of completely sealing the container like an Army supply box which makes the fire more intense and pressurized, the BAT-SAFE Box box safely vents the heat and smoke in a controlled manner.
The BAT-SAFE Box is great for charging, storing, and transporting Lipos as well.
For more information about Lipo Battery safety, check out our new drone learning page.

Designed by engineers and RC enthusiast
Charging, storing and transporting LiPos
Fireproof battery safe 
Double steel insulated walls
Fiberglass and steel wool filter 
Stops flames and intense smoke
Easy to use latch and seal
Peace of mind when charging your batteries


Size: 195 x 128 x 115mm 
Internal measurements: 165 x 100 x 50mm
Weight: 1.6 pounds / 0.7kg

You can charge and store up to a 2pc 3S 2200mAh equivalent (50Wh) safely inside the BAT-SAFE MINI

1x BAT-SAFE Battery Safe Box
1x Battery charger stand
Velcro straps