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Armattan Gecko 3" Frame
Armattan Gecko 3" Frame
Armattan Gecko 3" Frame
Armattan Gecko 3" Frame
Armattan Gecko 3" Frame

Armattan Gecko 3" Frame

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It's innovative. It has grip. It's got style. And best of all? It's Armattan.

The Gecko is the latest addition to Armattan's family of mini-freestyle frames. Designed around the best principals that brought the Japalura and the Rooster to the front of their fields, this frame gives you the best protection and quality that the multirotor kingdom has to offer.

The cage is cut with 6 axis titanium milling. This is a first for Armattan, and it gives the head of this baby a smooth, svelte expression. The aluminum camera saver is a new mounting system designed to protect your camera even in the most crushing of cage crashes. And that's even more important for this frame because it was designed to safely guard any 19mm micro cam on the market: SD or HD.

The stack mounting system is a fresh take on providing options for pilots. You no longer have to choose between an M2 or an M3 board because the Gecko offers provisions for both. While the 20x20, M2, forward stack was designed to be used for a mini HD split camera board (such as the Runcam Split Mini or Caddx Turtle), you can slap any board you want in there. The rear 20x20, M3 mounting holes will be there for your FC, ESC, VTX, or whatever else is left. And with the familiar 22mm deck height you'll find that your batteries are safely out of the line of fire of your props, but are also low enough to bring the center of gravity back down towards your prop-line.

The tail provides the quality mounting options that Armattan is known for. A rubber VTX antenna guide channels thinner gauge antennas (up to 1.8mm) upwards, and out of the way of your props. If that doesn't suit your fancy, simply use the elongated M3 holes to zip-tie your dongle in a tried-and-true way instead. Lastly, lets put an end to rear-impact delamination. The carbon itself is protected from impacts by the custom Aluminum standoffs.

And what about the "big W?"

We're glad you asked. Like you might've thought, the entire frame is warrantied. Carbon, aluminum, and titanium are covered under Armattan's unbeatable lifetime warranty. What can we say, except, "you're welcome?"


Frame Weight 42g
Motor to Motor


Frame Shape

112mm left & Right 
82mm front & rear

Main Plate Thickness 3mm


TI camera cage
Aluminum Standoffs
Aluminum Cam saver

              Motor Mount Pattern 14XX motor pattern
Front Stack Mount M2, 20x20mm (for HD cam board)
Rear Stack Mount M3 20x20mm (for FC stack)
FPV Camera Mount Micro compatible
Max Stack Height 22mm
Warrantied Parts All frame components 
Recommended Components
Motor Size 1407 3650KV
Prop Size 3" 
LiPo 650mAh - 850mAh 4S 



  • 2x Camera-cage braces


  • 8x 6mm button-head M3 bolts
  • 4x 4mm button-head M3 bolts
  • 4x 16mm buton-head M3 bolts
  • 2x 5mm cup-head M2 bolts
  • 2x M3 sunk nuts


  • 2x Camera-saver braces
  • 1x 19.1mm Front standoff (silver)
  • 2x Rear standoffs (black)


  • 4x M3 nuts
  • 2x Washers

Carbon Fiber

  • 1x 2mm Top (LiPo) plate 
  • 1x 3mm Main plate (3 inch)


  • 1x Lipo strap
  • 1x LiPo foam pad
  • 4x Dog-bone landing pads
  • 1x Molded rubber VTx antenna holder