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Armattan Armadillo 5v/12v (Red)
Armattan Armadillo 5v/12v (Red)
Armattan Armadillo 5v/12v (Red)
Armattan Armadillo 5v/12v (Red)
Armattan Armadillo 5v/12v (Red)

Armattan Armadillo 5v/12v (Red)

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The Armadillo offers a slim width with an integrated PDB and fully enclosed electronics protection. With 1MM of clearance on each side, flight controllers and VTX’s are entirely enclosed and protected. Your camera is also shielded, mounted, and entirely adjustable. This frame structure allows for HD camera mounting solutions right out of the box so you can record your flights. Exacting tolerances and the industries highest quality carbon fiber ensure you will be flying one of the toughest and fastest models available today.

Designed by Chris and refined by CorporalBadger, The Armadillo is a Hybrid Freestyle/Racer frame designed to be the perfect balance between strength and lightweight providing a solid experience for newcomers and top tier pilots alike. With its side plate design, it gives superior electronics protection and out of the box HD cam mounting solutions. This is a 5" design that would work well with 2204/2300 motors for dual blades and up to 2206/2350kv motors for those flying triblades. 

Full Carbon Fiber Warranty bumper to bumper, you can crash and burn without fear of having to pay for replacement.



  • 4MM Carbon Fiber Arms x4
  • 1.5MM Carbon Fiber Big Top Plate
  • 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Small Top Plate
  • 1.5MM Carbon Fiber Bottom Center Plate
  • 2MM Side Plates x2
  • 1.5MM VTX Plate
  • 1.5MM Carbon Fiber Cam Braces x2
  • Armadillo V2 Regulated PDB 5v/12v
  • FPV Rubber Dimes x2
  • 7MM M3 Aluminum Thumbscrews x2
  • 5MM M2 Bolts
  • M2 Washer x2
  • Sunknuts x12
  • 6MM M3 Metal Bolts x6
  • 8MM M3 Metal Bolts x4
  • 12MM M3 Metal Bolts x4
  • 38MM Aluminum Standoffs x3
  • 6MM M3 M/F Nylon Standoffs
  • Nylon Nuts x4
  • 7MM M3 Metal Bolts x16
  • Battery Strap


  • LED
  • 1.5mm CF Top Bottom Plate [no PDB]


Frame Weight 109g
Motor to Motor 223mm
Center, Top, & Bottom
Plate Thickness
Arm Thickness 4mm
Vertical Plate Thickness 2mm
Warrantied Parts All Carbon Fiber Parts