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Analog Fat Shark Receiver Module Adapter V3.0 PLUS for DJI Digital FPV Goggles

Analog Fat Shark Receiver Module Adapter V3.0 PLUS for DJI Digital FPV Goggles

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Get ultimate versatility with your DJI FPV Goggles. The V3.0 PLUS Fat Shark receiver module adapter fits on the side of the DJI Digital FPV Goggles to give you the ability to use 3rd party analog video receiver modules! It is compatible with Fat Shark style modules, however, this is not a Fat Shark product.
This analog module can be enjoyed by people who owe analog and digital FPV equipment! This item can be used with the aluminum analog cover. 

Brand: URUAV
Model: 5.8G RX Port3.0-PLUS
Dimension: 55 * 28 * 12mm
Weight: 13g (without extension cable)
Power input: 2S-4S (DC5.5 * 2.1)
Internal voltage: 5V 3A (with pad output)
Power output: 2S-4S (DC5.5 * 2.1)
Signal Input: Standard Fat Shark Receiver Port
Including third-party receivers: Reaxacc Furious, Rapid Fire etc.
Signal output: standard audio / video
Support DVR Port
With voltage display, voltage alarm


Adds a power switch and adds a standard DVR interface (the interface of the recording module). The 2.0 version now can record DVR but cannot record sound. We have reserved a standard DVR interface to record images and sound.
Support AV IN analog video transmitter recording. Users need to restore the factory settings to ensure the normal use of the AV IN interface functions.
Fixed the boundary display problem of AV IN analog video transmitter.
Optimize the AV IN analog video transmitter to improve the real-time performance of the transmission.
Support user-defined selection of the OSD display content of FPV Goggles, support 24 OSD information definition displays of Betaflight.
When the video transmission distance is greater than 1km, the video transmitter can adjust the frame rate and code rate adaptively according to the distance and channel bandwidth.
Support remote control to connect to PC via USD cable and control the simulator.
5.8G RX PORT3.0-PLUS has added a digital tube, which can display the battery voltage in real-time and can set the low voltage alarm


1 x Adapter mounting block and screws
1 x Audio and video cable
1 x Power cable
1 x URUAV 5.8G RX PORT 3.0-PLUS Receiver Board