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AerialMob Arm Extension Set
AerialMob Arm Extension Set
AerialMob Arm Extension Set
AerialMob Arm Extension Set

AerialMob Arm Extension Set

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The AerialMob upgrade for TBS DISCOVERY (PRO) and FlameWheel F450 / F550. Extends the arms to allow up to 15" propellers. The length is customizable by cutting the carbon fiber tube to length. 

TBS DISCOVERY owners will enjoy the ability to go symmetric with their favorite airframe, or add larger props and higher cell motors to get the endurance / long range juices going. Also great for higher speed setups. It will generally turn your TBS DISCOVERY into a matured aerial filming or aerial surveillance platform. Flights of up to 30mins are within reach. This upgrade is so fresh off the boat that TBS is still researching the right motor and prop combo for it. However, from one tinkerer to another: Get them while they're available :)

F450 and F550 owners will appreciate the added clearance. Turn your F550 platform into a heavylift Hexa that rivals the S800 in performance. F450 pilots get crazy performance or higher endurance from bigger props and more powerful motors.

The AerialMob use these arms together with their DISCOVERY PRO to get amazing performance. Check out their latest desert shoot:

Specifications (each arm):

  • Weight: 83g
  • Length: 33cm
  • Diameter: 16mm(Carbon Fiber tube only)
  • Thickness: 1.2mm(Carbon Fiber tube only)


For the mounting of the Aerial MOB arms. Using the TBS Endurance equipment:
Endurance Kit installation manual