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Extend Warranty Information

Extend Warranty Information

Drone Cosmo is pleased to offer Extended Warranties on select products. Below are some Q&A's regarding the service:

Q: What does the extended warranty cover?

A: This varies depending on the part you purchase and thus, the type of warranty that's attached. Click the link in the associated warranty and it will have explicit details on what the warranty covers and what it does not.

Q: When does the warranty start/end?

A: The Extend Warranty term you purchase starts after the manufacturer's warranty ends. For example if the manufacturer's warranty is 6 months, and you purchase a 2 year term, the extended warranty will apply from months 6-32 after you purchase the item.

Q: Which products have the offer?

A: Most BNF quads and various electronics. The warranty company uses an algorithm to determine what to offer warranties on. Drone Cosmo does not have control over which products have the offer and which do not.

Q:  Is this a warranty sold by Drone Cosmo?

A: No, it's a warranty sold through Drone Cosmo. The warranty and its processing will go throught the warranty company, however it is extremely streamlined and holds to the highest customer service standard.

Q: How do I issue a warranty claim?

When you purchase it you'll receive an email with all info you'll need. In short, you will go through the Extend.com automated messaging form.

Q: I took my BNF and crashed it into a tree... is this covered?

A: Officially, no. Now, if it just stopped working and you don't know why, will their automatic system grant you a warranty approval? Yes.

Q: I got a warranty replacement, does the warranty also apply to the replacement?

A: No, it's good for one item replacement but when you receive the replacement you can re-purchase the policy.

Q: Can I cancel the plan after I purchase it?

A: Yes, you can cancel up to 60 days after purchase for a full warranty-cost replacement and after that for a pro-rata refund. This cancellation will be through the warranty company, not Drone Cosmo.

Q: Will I have to return the item that is being replaced?

A: Yes, and you'll be given a credit to purchase a new one once the item is dropped in the mail and on its way back. A shipping label is given to you.

Q: Do I reach out to Drone Cosmo support about the warranty?

A: No, simply follow the email you'll receive. The process to get it approved should literally take 5 minutes or less!!